Paradise Lagoon

All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 36"
From 10:00 to Close
Disability Access
Ready for a challenge? Step up to Paradise Lagoon!

Come one and come all, there are plenty of activities for everyone here at Paradise Lagoon!  Unlike our other attractions at Noah’s Ark, this attraction is interactive to keep you active and moving across various challenges.

●       With two lily pad walks, race a friend as you try to balance without falling.  Who can get across the fastest?  Or beat your own record; either way, this challenge is a lot of fun!

●       If you thought ziplines were only in the trees, think again!  This zipline is right here in our very own Paradise Lagoon.  Cool off with this breeze because it's about to be a hoot!

●       Two body slides are in the lagoon. They seem like a normal slide, but with water added!  Come to the bottom safely in our 11-foot pool.

●       Make sure to check out the jumping rocks as well!

This one-stop area will keep the family entertained and is great when everyone needs a switch from the slides!

Enjoy the oasis of Paradise Lagoon with the whole family.  There is a shallow area for our smaller guests; however, life vests are prohibited in the area.  We recommend that those who come play in this heated lagoon be good swimmers.  There is no minimum height requirement, so please use discretion when participating. 

Our Park is inclusive of all ages. If Paradise Lagoon is not a good fit for the younger members in the family, head over to Jumping Waters or the Big Kahuna Kiddie Area!

For those in the middle who may not be ready for the bigger slides but are already over the smaller ones, check out Toucan Twisters!  There is a maximum height limit for these slides of 43”, though life vests are not prohibited on this attraction.


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Visit our park safely

Visit our park safely

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