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Black Anaconda

America's most thrilling water coaster! Reach speeds up to 30 mph!
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 48''
Minimum weight: 250 lbs
Maximum weight: 600 lbs
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Black Anaconda is like a roller coaster! Just add water!

One of the longest water coasters in the nation, measuring over ¼ mile long, welcome to the Black Anaconda.  Face your fears, climb on board, and stare pure terror in the eye before conquering the challenge. 

We know about your bravery, and we are sure you can take this wild beast. Who will you take this adventure with?  Grab a friend or two and try this out-of-the-world ride.

Wondering what a water coaster is?  Take a roller coaster and add a raft and experience the same thrills and joy but with water added!  It's a unique ride at Noah’s Ark and a guest favorite.  You’re sure to keep cool while enjoying sliding down the belly of this fierce snake.  Hold on tight to your raft, this is sure to be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Are you curious about what's coming up next?  Get ready for the thrill of your life!  The staff will push your raft over to the loading dock before taking the first vertical plunge. 

You’ll be defying gravity as the rushing water pushes you up six hills and down into diabolical twists and turns through the ride’s dark coils.  There is no slowing down before darting back up the next hill, only to drop down again.  That momentum has the raft reaching speeds close to 30 miles per hour.  You’ll be swallowed whole by the Black Anaconda before it spits you out with a soft landing.  

The minimum height requirement for the Black Anaconda is 48”.  Enjoy this ride with two or three people, depending on the maximum combined weight of 250 lbs. to 600 lbs.

If a smaller family member doesn’t reach the height requirement but still wants the thrill, check out Chameleon or Flash Flood!

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