Family Fun Things to do in Wisconsin Dells

There are many fun things to do in the Wisconsin Dells, but nothing can compare to a day of thrilling water rides at America's Largest Water Park! You'll want to visit more than just once.

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  • Group Rides
  • Kiddie & Gentle Rides
  • Dry Activities

Raja™ - NEW FOR 2018!

The World’s Largest King Cobra combines an innovative and unique design to create one of the most thrilling water slide experiences in the world. Riders will race side-by-side on tubes from six stories up, along more than 335 feet of twists and turns at speeds up to 32mph, with a finale that includes a sudden 37-foot plunge into the mouth of a massive king cobra.

Ride requirements are coming soon.

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Bermuda Triangle

The questions surrounding the Bermuda Triangle are as ancient and mysterious as time itself. And though there’s no telling what you’ll encounter around each winding turn, one thing is for sure… it’s going to be a blast!

Maximum Weight- 400lbs per tube

Black Anaconda

At over 1/4-mile long, Black Anaconda is America’s Most Thrilling Water coaster—a diabolical combination of water slide and rollercoaster. Stare pure terror in the eye before Black Anaconda swallows you whole, sending you spiraling down at 30 miles per hour. Then defy gravity as rushing waters push you up the creature’s six humps and wrap you up in its dark coils.

Must be at least 48" tall
Maximum weight- 600lbs for up to 3 riders
Minimum Weight 250 pounds; 2-3 riders

Black Thunder

If a waterslide with mind-bending twists and turns have you a little concerned, don’t worry. You won’t even see them coming inside the total darkness of Black Thunder. Of course, that’s the fun! Choose from four different slides, including the Twin Twisters and Witches Gulch.

Must be at least 48" tall
Maximum Weight- 400lbs per tube

Flying Gecko

A ride your whole group or family can go on together – take a ride on the Flying Gecko! Set off on a 4-person raft into total darkness, flying around twists and turns. Don’t be afraid to scream all you want, no one will be able to see you!

Children must be at least one year old to ride with an adult.
Minimum Weight- 250lbs per tube
Maximum Weight- 800lbs per tube

Flash Flood

Ever wonder what it would be like to go over Niagara Falls with 20 of your closest friends? Flash Flood will send you and your friends over the edge and plummeting down into the water below, creating a mammoth wave that sprays out in all directions. Don’t forget to watch it again from the bridge… it’s a great way to “soak it all in!”

Must be at least 40" tall to ride alone, or 36" if riding with an adult

Point of No Return

By the time you realize what you’re really in for, it’s already too late. The Point of No Return offers a jaw-dropping, hair-raising, nearly-vertical plunge that literally blurs the line between “thrill” and “pure terror”. Yeah, it’s that good.

Must be at least 48" tall

Scorpion’s Tail

Ten stories high, 400-feet long, and initial drop that sends you plummeting down at more than 50-feet per second. America’s first nearly vertical waterslide loop… Meet the Scorpion’s Tail.

Must be at least 48" tall
Minimum Weight- 90lbs
Maximum Weight- 300lbs

Time Warp

Are you prepared to slide through the portal into the World’s Largest Bowl Ride? Time Warp is the thrilling water ride that throws time for a loop. Wave goodbye to the present as your 4-person raft sets off into the Great Unknown, then plunges into the warp at hyper-speed and takes a wild spin through time and space.

Must be at least 42" tall
Maximum Weight- 700lbs per tube

Wisconsin's Top Destination for Family-Friendly Fun & Excitement

Whether you want to plummet down 10 stories into a splash of water, ease on down a lazy river, or stay dry and water a 4-d movie, Noah's Ark is home to family attractions! Keep the family together and enjoy the many attractions in our group slides! If you have little adventurers, Noah's Ark is the #1 location of fun things to do with kids in Wisconsin Dells!

Thrill Rides

Twist, turn and make a splash down Noah's Ark thrilling waterslides. Take a ride on America's most thrilling water coaster, Black Anaconda! This ride is over 1/4 mile long and is sure to send you on a spiraling adventure. For those who want a challenge, take a ride on the world's largest bowl ride, Time Warp! Sit in a 4-person raft and plunge down at hyper-speed through a wild spin through time and space!

Group Rides

If you're visiting with a group event, our 2-5 person raft rides are fun for all! Grab your group and take a trip down the Congo Bongo or, for those with a need for speed, visit Quazilla and race head-first down twisting tunnels and downward dips.

Kiddie & Gentle Rides

Noah's Ark has plenty of Wisconsin Dells attractions for kids. Whether you're drifting down Adventure River or splashing around one of the Kiddie Areas, Noah's Ark is pure family-fun. Bring the kids to Paradise Lagoon where they have a slides and rides specially designed for them! Be sure to check out our cabana rentals for extra shaded fun.

Dry Activities

The sun can be tiring, so take a break from the thrills and spills, and watch an eye-popping movie in the 4-D Dive-In Theater! Smell what's on the screen, feel the splash, and duck from flying objects, this 4-D theater is safe for the whole family! Show off your gaming skills and play some games in our arcade!

Buy your Tickets Online

Plan ahead and buy your Noah's Ark tickets and passes online today! You won't want to spend this summer anywhere else, but at Noah's Ark! Upgrade your pass and get (1) one combo meal every visit with the All Season Dining Pass
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